Dear glob that's cute. Thank glob they found each other! (via @guskenworthy)

Gus Kenworthy already proved he was pretty awesome when he took home the Slopestyle silver medal, helping the US team in their sweep of the event. Somehow, though, I think this is the achievement for which he'll be best remembered. As most of you know by now, Sochi's municipal government decided to exterminate their stray dog population in order to make the town look nicer for the Olympics. Activists in Russia have tried valiantly to save the strays, and many others have posted photos with the hashtag #sochistrays

Gus has helped put the US in the running for a gold medal in helping the strays, though. He initially ran into the little furball up top, who approached him while he was walking down the street. After befriending the first pup, he was greeted by a bevy of its (probable) littermates:

I'm feeling some pretty real puppy love right now. For the puppies, I mean. (via)

Not content to merely shower the pups with love, Kenworthy has gone above and beyond:

Um, how do you raise your hand online to yell "Me! Me! Me! I want one!"?

Keeping in mind that most of those helping the dogs are animal-loving Russians (so they will probably take home the gold in this event), this still makes Team USA look pretty good.

(by Johnny McNulty)
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