If those actors and models had been this open, I'd have forgiven them.

We all know by now that the video of 20 strangers meeting and kissing has become the latest emotional football to get snatched away from the Internet's Charlie Brown. Turns out it was a clothing advertisement, and that the reason it came out so well was because most of the people in the video were models and actors (people who have practiced kissing on strangers on cue). It's not like they all had to give handjobs to each other right after meeting.

There's no trickery here when it comes to the innocence of the performers. Not in this one. These are real dogs, brought together by...Mother London, which despite it's name (and, to be fair, a number of funny videos) is an ad agency and not a sketch comedy troupe. 

Well, whatever, the dogs don't know that. Dogs don't understand how emotions can be packaged like that. I bet these people even have dogs at home who are blissfully unaware of the canine exploitation that goes on once their owners leave the house. 

You know what, I WILL watch this video again, just so I can give those dogs the sincere attention they deserve. 

Seriously, what do I need to buy for you to make another one of these?


(by Johnny McNulty)

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