On Monday, the birth of a baby dolphin was documented at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The mom, a first time mother named Katrl, was in labor for three hours before giving birth to the Pacific white-sided calf. The calf took its first breath and did a great job swimming with mom, like a fish mammal takes to water. Dolphins are already magical to watch, so the chance to see one being born is almost as rare as a unicorn birth:

Almost as impressive as Chrissy Teigen's latest baby photos. The calf's still not named yet, so hopefully they don't open the process up to Internet voting.


The names of this breed of dolphin at Shedd come from the Tlingit language, natives of the Pacific Northwest near the dolphins' natural habitat. Mom's name, Katrl, means "to breathe air," so the calf will probably be named the Tinglit translation of "to be born on CNN." 

Sources: CNN | Shedd Acquarium