Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann own about 60 retired hens and decided to knit them sweaters to keep them warm as they adjust to being free-range. They rescue and house the battery hens at their home in Cornwall, England. Unfortunately, the hens have spent most of their lives in cages to produce eggs. As a result, they can have difficulty adjusting to the natural weather outdoors. Some had plucked their own feathers out as a result of anxiety from the conditions in cages.

So Nicola started making sweaters for them to stay warm outside. They work really well, and the hens seem to be big fans.

There’s no problems with actually putting the jumpers on, they just stand there and they do everything they should be doing, as a chicken would.


Everybody wins. The chickens really do just stand there, totally wearing sweaters. Sounds like they have a pretty sweet setup for their retirement from commercial egg production.

Sources: YouTube