Are you sure that's a cat?

Just a week ago, we brought you a video of a cat knocking stuff off a table despite his owner's pleas. This just goes to show, you have to take a forceful approach. A dog might do something if you ask nicely, but a cat only responds to power.

This kitty, named Farofa, seems almost like he understands his owner's commands. To get an insight into the mind of such a unique creature, you have to see what that owner, Guga Vieira, has to say in the video's description:

Farofa is a fat cat weighs nearly 9 kg. When it is not immediately attended to his food desires, does everything to get attention.

So there you have it. If you want your cat to obey your commands, feed it till it's obese and then withhold food. Works like a charm.

Sources: Guga Vieira