This is why people are happier to see dogs than they are to see people.

Dog eyebrows on fleek. (via YouTube)

Three years ago, Zeus (pictured above) had to be re-homed by his owners Ben and Melody when they went on a military assignment in South Korea. While away, they were informed that Zeus had died. Although this was very sad news, it ended up being untrue.

Ben and Melody moved to Washington after returning from South Korea, and were very surprised to get a call from the  Banfield Pet Hospital, saying that Zeus was found in the woods in South Carolina. He was alive! And not even from any Pet Cemetery black magic!

Since Zeus was sick with heartworm (don't worry, it's totally treatable), he couldn't fly across the country, so a kind soul from the pet hospital volunteered to drive him. The reunion was tearful and might make you cry, even if you watch it on mute.

I would totally let this dog lick my face. (via YouTube)
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