Try not to look directly at their little bellies.

These photos from the Momma's Gone City blog ostensibly show Jessica Shyba's toddler Beau and his newly-adopted canine friend Theo napping together. The puppy supposedly "plops right on top of Beau" and spends hours sleeping with him every day. Shyba calls it "the most organic and beautiful friendship [she has] ever witnessed." But I suspect that this is really part of a government scheme to create some sort of high-powered adorableness ray gun. And if my suspicions are correct, this weapon could be powerful beyond comprehension. If, by some chance, a puffin happens to waddle into the shot, we might have a full-scale cuteness meltdown on our hands! 

Do not view this photograph while operating heavy machinery.

This picture may turn biological clocks into a biological time bombs. 

If you feel yourself starting to swoon, shut the computer and think of Charles Krauthammer.

Too late! Abort this post! Abort this post!

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(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Momma's Gone City | h/t The Huffington Post