Kids have no appreciation for the finer points of manipulating space-time.

Daniel Hashimoto is an animator for Dreamworks, but his real passion is editing special effects videos starring his 3-year-old son for their ongoing YouTube series, Action Movie Kid (kind of like the RocketJump guys, except way more adorable). 

In this installment, the son got his hands on a model of the gun from the video game classic 'Portal,' and like all novice Portal users (and experienced users who get bored), he quickly became stuck in an infinite falling loop. Why he doesn't realize you could just put the orange one on the floor next to him, get launched straight up at terminal velocity to land safely on the roof, I don't know. This is an important reminder never to give a portal gun to children under 8.

If you liked Action Movie Kid, check out this compilation they put together of his adventures thus far:

(by Johnny McNulty)

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