Redditor Kadenmacg's 7-year-old son was given a simple worksheet in school: a piece of paper that says "When I am 100 years old I think I will look like this!" with a spot to draw in underneath. While some kids might use this as an opportunity to draw themselves as active senior citizens, Kadenmacg's kid took a much more realistic approach:

Also, in 100 years, his crotch will have apparently dropped to just above his feet.

The current average life expectancy for men in the US is only 78.74 years, after all, so this is probably the most accurate answer from any kid in the class. Then again, by the time this kid gets old, human life expectancy will probably be much longer. Either that, or the robots will have taken over and humanity will be on the decline, which means that this picture is still accurate, except that the robots probably won't be nice enough to plant flowers on human graves.