Say yes to Crack Kid.

When Nathan Moszyk uttered the words "This kid's definitely on crack right now" while filming a kid getting hit in the head with a basketball and yelling "yeah!", Internet fame was probably still a distant dream. So he was probably surprised as anyone when the Vine he posted along with #KidOnCrack began going viral.

(Click the upper left for sound)

Crack Kid, who goes by the name Brady when he's not taking basketballs to the face, was suddenly a sensation, and people began making parody videos. Before long he was hobnobbing with celebrities:

There were trick shot videos:

There was random insanity.

Even Rebecca Black made an appearance.

Where Crack Kid goes next is anyone's guess. Mine would be obscurity, but what the hell do I know. Considering that Grumpy Cat is currently in pre-production on a Christmas Movie for Lifetime, it wouldn't shock me if next week CBS announces that Crack Kid will be taking over for Craig Ferguson.

You can find more Vines and the latest breaking Crack Kid news here.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Buzzfeed