Every bullied kid should take a note from Toledo's Audrianna Reynolds, 7, who showed her tormentors that she's not to be messed with by joining forces with The Punishers, a local biker club "comprised of law enforcement, EMS and military personnel, and firefighters." ABC reports that Reynolds, a self-identified tomboy and dirt bike enthusiast, got a ride to school by the motorcycle fleet, likely causing her bullies to regress into bed-wetting again.


Audrianna said she's been subject to bullying at Marshall Elementary School for over a year now, though it is perplexing to think that kids who are good at dirt biking aren't 100% bully-proof.

Daniel Bushey, president of The Punishers, explained to WGTV that they have Reynolds' back from now on. She's become one of them, skipping an initiation process that likely involves having the Punishers' logo branded onto her biceps.

We got her a vest and told her to think of us like her uncles, and she is part of our family now, and if she needs anything let us know. Any chance we get, we help kids out, we do in a heartbeat.

Audrianna's mom, Alexandria Reynolds, organized the event, saying she wanted to prove that not everyone is mean, and finding a nice, caring motorcycle gang was definitely the perfect way to do that.

We were just trying to uplift her spirits and let her know that not everybody is mean and there are plenty of nice people in the world. The guys have really done a wonderful job at helping us.

Sources: ABC