A high school was recently forced to recall all its yearbooks after noticing that a slightly inappropriate quote submitted by a senior somehow got past their keen eyes. Whoops!

Nice to know that teens are still getting quote ideas from bathroom stall graffiti.

But tons of teens get away with quotes like these each year. Here are 16 heroes doing their part to make high school yearbooks great less boring again.

1. Yeah, we get it.

Is that what the expression "take it on the chin" actually means?

2. His parents must be so proud.

*Tugs on collar Rodney Dangerfield style*

3. Probably just a Freudian slip.

Relax, it's just a typo. Probably.

4. Ugh, he's such a Miranda.

"I had to wonder…is it me or is that guy kind of a dick?"

5. The Ol' Switcheroo.

6. Wonder if they get asked if they're related a lot.

Well, maybe they shouldn't all wear the same outfit.
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7. Wow, Nguyen is a popular last name.

At some point, we were all related. According to the Bible.

8. When your dad is hard to please.

"Because you haven't paid for med school yet, dad."

9. Too late, you read it.

THIS reaLLY doesn't work.

10. This kid's tombstone will just say "Whatever."

So meta.

11. "I will destroy you."

He seems fun.

12. A National Treasure.

This gal's got the right idea.

13. A good argument for converting to Islam.

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14. KNEW IT!