It's another icy and disgusting day in New York City, and luckily for us, our local news team is out there in the streets, covering the important developments that are also being covered by windows.

I'm particularly glad NBC 4 New York was out there today to capture this story. Fifth grader Lucas Heiberger outlined his guaranteed four-step ritual for getting a snow day. It's pretty standard superstitious fare, complete with toilet ice cubes, backwards pajamas, and counting steps. (Seriously, is this kid from a Judy Blume novel? I want to keep him.)

And it worked! Lucas got his snow day (he goes to private school; public schools were open today).

Now I need Lucas to come up with a ritual that will make me young enough to appreciate yet another snow day, instead of feeling old and resentful. Watch this video backwards 13 times?


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: HuffPo