Summertime as a child is the highlight of the year. It's nice out, there's no school, and there's nothing to do except enjoy youth and store up pleasant memories of freshly-mown grass to help you survive the hot July days inside an office you'll suffer for years to come. The child of redditor ronvonjones1 is as excited for the lazy summer months as any kid should be. Unlike most young ones, this kid's gone ahead and outlined a detailed routine (or "routeon") in order to maximize every enjoyable second of summer.

Three hours of free time followed by three hours of free time—this kid knows how to fill up a day. The question is: what is this child doing during all that free time? Eating popsicles and playing outside? Or watching TV? These days, probably the latter, on an iPad.


In total, this little girl's routeon accounts for 11 hours and 15 minutes, which means this kid gets in a very impressive/borderline unhealthy amount of shuteye every night.