It's good to have gratitude, but celebrating Thanksgiving is problematic. One can't ignore the fact that it involves a lot of overlooking the fact that it makes everyone remember that white Europeans straight up stole from indigenous peoples, and that it our most myth-riddled holiday. But these dogs and cats don't know about any of that, and so they're dressed up as Thanksgiving icons.

1. Jive turkey.

This dog is dressed as a turkey, which they didn't even eat at the first Thanksgiving.

2. Buckling down.

Pilgrims didn't wear buckles on their hats. They were in fashion at the time in their native England, which means the stodgy Pilgrims probably eschewed them.

3. For the birds.

Native Americans taught Pilgrims how to grow food and hunt fowl, not that these dogs would get that.

4. Pilgrims did what they felt.

Pilgrims wore all black only on Sundays, and wore all kinds of different colored clothes the others days of the week.
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