Remember: siblings are the greatest gift parents can give their children.

Redditor Mike Bianchini remembers getting along with his twin sister as a kid, but apparently she had her moments of ruthlessness. Or at least, imagined ruthlessness. Not too long ago, she found this diary entry from when they were eight, detailing what she would do if she had the power of invisibility. She wouldn't steal stuff or stop crime; she would spy on her brother and tell on him. Multiple times. Bianchini posted the page a while back, but it's just making the Internet rounds today.

"If I were invisable, I would ceck on my brother see if he is being bad. If he is I will tell on him. And then I will do it again. I love telling on my brother."

You can almost picture the sly grin spreading across her face as she quietly strokes the Bianchini family cat, then taps her fingertips together gleefully. Or maybe I just have some sibling rivalry issues.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: redditor mikebianchini