To be fair to the authorities, this could be either the parent of a toddler or a total psycho.

4-year-olds. They're cute, and they're just getting old enough to really start expressing themselves, you know? Most parents going through this period of their child's life just have to contend with crayons or lipstick being scrawled all over their walls at knee height. 

Not this Chinese dad. Mr. Chen discovered that his son had applied his little artistic talents all over daddy's passport. Aside from the dead, soulless devil eyes he gave his father, the most disturbing part of this tale is that Chen the Younger decided to draw on Chen the Elder's passport while they were out of the country on a business trip to South Korea.

Hopefully, they are enjoying their quality male bonding time, because they're now stranded in South Korea with little hope of getting out anytime soon. I'm sure the Chinese embassy will eventually sort this out, but if they don't, Mr. Chen should consider growing a scraggly beard and wearing a lot of eyeshadow and try and use the passport again.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: India News Today | TOMO News