Making us all feel inadequate.


I mean, really. I've got to deal with this knowledge now? Ugh! I've been offering up "The cartilage in my elbow is kinda beat" for years now as an excuse for why my golf swing is so abysmal. ("Sorry, man. The old injury is flaming up. Think I'll just go grab a whiskey in the club house and wait for you guys to finish up the last sixteen holes.") But now this— this ruins everything.

When there's a three-year-old kid who was born with one arm like Tommy Morrisey running around New Jersey golf courses showing off a swing like that, what hope do I have of keeping up this excuse? Am I going to actually play golf now? Sober?! I don't think I can manage that.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Fox 29 Philly | h/t Uproxx