Without a net... or pants.

You might remember Action Movie Kid—otherwise known as the luckiest child in the history of the world—from a couple previous posts here. 

His father, Daniel Hashimoto, is an animator for Dreamworks who's been spending the past several months making every father with an Internet connection feel hopelessly inferior because they can't turn home videos of their boring, normal little kids into amazing sci-fi action films like he can:

Hashimoto claims he's gonna post tutorials eventually, but I haven't seen any yet. And, quite frankly, I wouldn't post any if I were him. Eventually, someone's bound to come along and use his CGI secrets to create an evil arch-nemesis for his son. And kids shouldn't start getting arch-nemeses until at least junior high.

If you were feeling kind of lost while watching  Action Movie Kid: Vol. 2, then you might wanna check out Action Movie Kid: Vol. 1. That should bring you up to speed and give you some insight into Action Movie Kid's motivations:

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Action Movie Kid | h/t Filmdrunk