Oh, I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't realize you weren't raising me to be badass enough for this car.
(Screencap via KOIN 6)

Well, we know what story this kid is going to hear for the rest of her life. Sorella Stoute, 14 months old, was using dad's smartphone to surf the web for shiny things when Dad looked away for a second, letting her start punching her soft mini-hot-dog fingers at the shiniest buttons of all: eBay buttons. Within moments, Sorella was the proud owner of a 1962 Austin-Healy Sprite fixer-upper, which is what most of us never have the guts to do as adults.

Despite the sheer panic that set in when Sorella's dad, Paul Stoute, got the email from eBay congratulating them on their car purchase, he has decided to keep the car behind his very-surprised mother's house, and fix it up for Sorella's 16th birthday. Fortunately for the Stoutes, the car is in such disrepair that it only cost $225, which will make it even cooler if dad does fix it up because it will end up looking awesome: 

Yes, guy whose kid bought a car when he wasn't looking. That's a great Sweet 16 present.
(via ConceptCarz.com)

Blaming your "undeveloped brain" just to get away with making Dad buy you a car? We wish we'd thought of that when we were 14 months old.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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