The Tooth Fairy is dropping her rates, leaving kids across the country with less money in their pockets.

This girl won't be quite so happy when she checks under her pillow tomorrow morning. (via Thinkstock)

Teeth used to be worth something in this country. But these days, kids may as well just keep their baby teeth in their mouth, because according to Visa’s annual Tooth Fairy earnings report, they are getting an average of $3.19 per tooth in 2015, down from $3.43 in 2014. Even worse, this is the second year in a row that the value of teeth has gone down.  

Kids living in the Northeast receive the cash most per tooth, with an average of $3.56, while children down south get a measly $3.09. Chillingly, 10% of households reported not paying their children any money for their teeth, leaving those youngsters with no motivation whatsoever to make their baby teeth fall out.

Sad to say, but the only way kids are going to be able to make up that lost revenue is by stealing other people’s teeth. Either that, or getting a paper route so they can stop relying on goddamn teeth to make money.



Sources: USA Today