Before you can defeat your opponent, you must hold them in a tender embrace.

Not much is known about where this video comes from (aside from, you know, reddit), so I'm going to assume it's a very remote dojo in the mountains of Japan or the suburbs of New Jersey where female assassins are trained to lure people in with their polite and adorable bows before decimating them with their martial arts skills.

These two girls place an admirably high premium on the bowing segment of judo, and indeed they are paragons of sports(wo)manship. Their fights are brief and intense, but no one takes any cheap shots after knocking their opponent down. What's important is the competition, and skill with which those vicious takedown-hugs are delivered.

Little kids practicing martial arts have been a mainstay of Internet videos since the misty dawn of the 2000s. They're small, they're weak, they're bouncy, and it's fun to watch them fall over. The next time the Summer Olympics come on, I propose that someone pulls a Puppy Bowl and broadcasts 3 straight weeks of children who are too young to stand up straight all the time facing off in martial arts. I'd buy the commemorative dvd set.

Not since the days of nomadic campfires have warriors' battles lived on as vividly
as the tiny fighters of YouTube.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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