Slow-dancing with that special someone at your prom is a great feeling. It's even better when that person you're holding close to your chest isn't a person at all. 

Because the best prom date is someone who purrs at the sight of you.

So if your promposal to the guy, gal or celebrity of your dreams didn't pan out the way you hoped, don't fret. Instead, take your pet—ask your school first though, it's a huge buzzkill to get your cat confiscated.

1. Gheartr took her handsome kitten to prom. He wasn't "too thrilled" about the bow tie, because cats.

Pets don't need hours to get ready for the prom. They only need to don a simple bow tie or dress.

2. The best pre-prom photo award goes to Sam Steingard of Maryland and his gorgeous cat, Ruby.

There is just too much love in Ruby's eyes.