The cast of a super-secret lunch meeting in NYC. (via NBC)

1. Fans of Seinfeld have been buzzing for a couple of weeks after the cast from the show was spotted together at Tom's restaurant in New York. Clearly they were up to something, because unlike their characters on the show these are four multi-millionaires with better things to do than talk about soup. During an appearance Thursday on the Boomer and Carton radio show, Jerry said the cast was working on something, but wouldn't go into any detail.


There's no way it's a sitcom. Jerry would have to be broke and insane to try to recreate the magic of the old show. A movie seems unlikely, mostly because it sound like a horrible idea. Considering the timing of all this, odds are we'll see them pop up in a Super Bowl commercial and everyone will be really excited for a minute or so. Then we'll be slightly bummed for getting sucked in once again by multi-millionaires selling a product.

Turd in a hoodie. (via Getty)

2. The one-man wave of crime and crap music moved north this past week as Justin Bieber was formally charged with assault by Canadian officials involving an incident in December when Justin allegedly attacked a limo driver because that's exactly the kind of thing rich, entitled drug addicts tend to do. The assault charges alone probably won't amount to much, the good news for fans of decent music and justice is that a petition to have Bieber deported from the United States received enough signatures to warrant an official response from the White House.

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