Bankrupt rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent is all about the love on Instagram as of late, because he recently met his son for the first time ever, at a meet and greet of all places. Or did he?? 50 Cent—who definitely has two sons aged 18 and 3—recently posted a picture of himself and a young boy, and fans are debating about whether or not it's real or a joke.


The caption introduces the world to a young Mr. Davian, whose face is covered in tears. Precious.

Since then, Fiddy has shared a few more photos praising Davian.

This is Davian doing his, I'm cooler then my dad look. 😎 Talking about meet me at Red Stix. LMAO

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Wow, Davian sounds like a cool kid. Alas, Davian may be too good to be true. Fiddy's post about Davian's test scores have people second-guessing this long-lost son's identity.

These observant commenters have a point about the test scores. Some people, though, are very happy for Fiddy.


Either way, Davian cried when meeting 50 Cent, and that memory that can be cherished forever.

Sources: NY Daily News