Is she making a gangsta pose or are they all just cuddling? 

(via 50 Cent on Instagram)

50 Cent and Meryl Streep went to a Knicks game this weekend, and whether they showed up together or just sat next to each other, they had a blast. They held hands, they giggled, they shot some photos after, and they made everyone else feel left out. 

While many people's first reaction to this may be to call Meryl Streep out for crossing her arms in a vaguely rap-like pose, I'm going to go ahead and say that all three need to be called out for perpetuating the vile stereotype that all celebrities are friends.


Given 50 Cent's Instagram caption, "Things got a little gangsta," Ms. Streep may well have been encouraged to strike such a pose. I also think that Ms. Streep has taken home enough gold in Hollywood to record an album dedicated entirely to how jealous she makes other people—which is the subject of most of 50's body of work. In fact, I'm pretty sure the main story these photos tell is how much 50 Cent really likes Meryl Streep:


Meanwhile Kobe Bryant is hanging out in the rear and hoping we forget that he's actually scary.

Check out the NY Daily News for more photos of 50 and Meryl becoming best buds courtside.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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