It was a big enough stretch for Taylor Swift to involve herself in this whole mess.

If you haven't been following, we're in the midst of what's either the feud of a lifetime or a carefully orchestrated free commercial for the VMAs. In summary: Nicki Minaj tweeted some valid criticisms of the way the music industry views race after her iconic Anaconda video was snubbed for Video of the Year. Then, Taylor Swift accused her of pitting women against each other. Next, everyone else tried to get in on the action. Including Aaron Paul:


Aaron Paul's performance on Breaking Bad makes me imagine that he has great depth and complexity. But his social media interactions sometimes really make me go full question mark. Like, remember when he prank-announced a fake Jesse Pinkman show and then invited everyone on Periscope to see a movie with him? And now he wants to use his powers of mediation and pancake-purchasing to fix other people's public conflict about feminism and race? I don't know... I'd rather just watch him in that new Jason Katims show about cults.

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