Adam Scott has imposter syndrome. That's the conclusion you'll come to after seeing his interview with Conan O'Brien last night in which the Parks and Recreation actor and comedian talks about being the only celebrity backstage at the pop star's concert who wasn't invited to go onstage as a part of Swift's (sigh) "squad." Sure, Swift could have been nice enough to ask Scott, but sometimes you just need to ask for what you want, even if you feel embarrassed because you're best known for two low-rated (but beloved!) television shows. But come on, couldn't hate you more than she must hate Jared Leto

Scott—who, honestly, is at least a Matt LeBlanc-level celeb these days—says that Chris Rock was also backstage and urged him to go onstage. But Scott stayed behind. His kids, who were watching the concert with him, weren't impressed.

Adam Scott and Taylor Swift
Adam Scott: not yet at Mariska Hargitay levels
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Sources: Team Coco