During her concert in Glasgow last Friday, Adele apparently told fans she grew a beard and named it Larry. According to The Mirror, Adele said, “When I got pregnant [with her son, Angelo], I had so much testosterone in me that I grew a beard. It’s not a joke. I actually do have a beard."

Adele, apparently after a shave.
Getty Images

Before mentioning her own wonderful beard, Adele seemingly discussed how incredibly hairy her partner Simon Konecki is to her lovely fans. “There are a lot of good beards here. My man’s got a good beard and trims it sometimes in summer. It really annoys me, but I do have a beard myself. I understand when it gets hot," Adele expressed.

Thanks to art director Dillon St. Paul’s impeccable Photoshop skills, this is what Adele would probably look like if she had a full-grown beard: