Can you name President Obama's current White House Press Secretary? Can you name President Bartlet's Press Secretary? The answers to those questions are, respectively "No clue, lemme Wikipedia that. OK, Josh Earnest," and "C. J. Cregg."

Cregg, back in her power suit glory days before the show jumped the shark.

While The West Wing is no more, Allison Janney continues to rule. As such, she was graciously willing to revive her famous character for a press briefing on Friday. Her brief will remind you of better days, when White House officials were under fire for sleeping with prostitutes. Well, that probably still happens, but no one's under fire for it.

If you stuck around long enough to watch, you'll know C.J. Cregg had an ulterior motive for returning to the podium: to raise awareness about opioid abuse, which ties in nicely with Janney's current show, Mom.

If you're not familiar with Cregg's rendition of "The Jackal" that she referenced, enjoy this bonus video: