Alyssa Milano said she felt pressure to get back to her pre-baby weight just two weeks after giving birth. And by the way, getting back to your pre-baby weight is not even a requirement for anyone ever, but apparently it feels like that in Hollywood.

Alyssa Milano with one of the children she was expected to carry in her body and then immediately recover from.
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"I didn't feel pressure from within the industry," Milano told E! News. "Any pressure that I felt was from seeing other celebrities get down to their [pre-]baby weight in two weeks, and I know that for me that's just not in my makeup, biologically, there's just no way that I could've dropped all that baby weight in two weeks. But the only pressure I really felt was self-inflicted pressure, and that was really fleeting."

Milano said it took 18 months for her to lose weight, and though she didn't set a goal for herself, she lost 55 pounds. "I couldn't call it a goal weight, because there's so many variables you don't really know what a goal weight is, especially when you're 43 and just had a baby," she said, making sense. "I don't know if I'm going to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight."

Sources: People