Comedian Amy Schumer has been dating Ben Hanisch, who People reports to be a Chicago-based furniture designer, for six months, and the couple are already posting sappy photos of their Hawaiian getaways. Hanisch recently posted such an Instagram of Schumer, who stands in a sunset-lit door frame gazing out over the Pacific Ocean. The picture's caption, a hearts-for-eyes emoji, sums up Hanisch's feels about dark figures perching outside of places where he sleeps.


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Yet again, Amy Schumer heroically promotes shadow-positivity.

Another recent Hanisch Instagram shows that he is just as happy with Schumer illuminated by sunlight as he is with her eclipsed profile, which, if you are a person who has the time to ponder the indescribable sensations and dichotomous nature of an ever-evolving romance, is a beautiful metaphor for unconditional love.

6 months with this babe and I couldn't be any happier

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Light, dark, or soaked in blood, this love is true.


Yesterday's surgery went very well

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