Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the ultimate BFF power couple, but you can't be besties with Amy unless you're cool with being made fun of a little bit. Which is exactly what Schumer did when she made this video for Vanity Fair commenting on Jennifer Lawrence's previous Vanity Fair interview answers. The video gives you a little inside look on how it would be to be friends with these two. In the video, Schumer says that, "Jen is meanest person I know" and then goes on to call her a "troll from Kentucky." Besties! They also discuss the weird place where Amy saw J.Law pee.

Pissing in a bidet instead of using it to squirt water at your butthole like it is intended to do: ah, rich people problems.  Once you see another person pee, you know that you will be friends forever. Besides making this video for Vanity Fair, Schumer is also this month's cover girl.