Amy Schumer recently shot a comedy special for HBO, and several people questioned whether she stole jokes from the late comedian Patrice O'Neal. Structurally, the jokes do appear quite similar. However, many established comedians sided with Amy, noting that the premise of the jokes are identical, and that it does not constitute theft. The jokes are about gross, (hopefully) fictional sexual acts that have been around for a long, long time. In fact, they're not really jokes, it's just describing taboo acts on stage for a crowd that came to laugh in the hands of a skilled comedian. Patrice loved controversial topics, and Amy does as well.


Colin Quinn, a close friend of both Patrice and Schumer, laid out the distinction:

Jim Norton, a very close friend of Patrice, explained in a Facebook post how comedians often use similar pop culture premises in jokes, and that these sexual acts were around long before Patrice or Amy joked about them. Jim also notes that comedians know who the joke thieves are, and assures us that Amy is not one of them:

Sources: Uproxx