Amy Schumer—comedian, role model, viral content machine—looks beautiful as the new Vanity Fair cover girl. And unlike with a recent Glamour magazine cover, she was aware that she was going to be on it.

Here's Schumer, with gorgeous Old Hollywood locks, a flattering corset and a remarkably well-groomed armpit on the cover of the esteemed magazine.

Schumer recently went viral when Glamour Magazine listed her on their plus-size-only cover as an "inspiring" plus-size woman, which led to Schumer gently pointing out that actually, she's not, and she worried about "young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size."

Schumer shared a fake-out (that may make more sense if you've seen this week's Game of Thrones) before posting the real photo.

I'm on the cover of @vanityfair

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In another pic by Annie Leibovitz, Schumer kept up the bombshell vibe, this time, straddling a rocket.

Woops wrong photo. Here I am!

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The profile also included a glimpse at Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele's creative process. In comfortable sweats, with no less than four visible bottles of wine, this is The Room Where It Happens. 


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Under Amy's armpit on the cover, Vanity Fair has reprinted a scathing quote from Donald Trump:

@VanityFair Magazine is doing really poorly. It has gotten worse and worse over the years, and has lost almost all of it's [sic] former allure!


As everyone knows, this is the great endorsement a magazine can receive.