Listen up, everyone out there breathlessly anticipating Anne Hathaway's thoughts on Beyoncé​'s Lemonade—the wait is over. On Wednesday, Hathaway posted a video to Instagram of herself enjoying, in her own Anne Hathaway way, Beyoncé's new album. Her post is captioned: "Respect beyond respect. @Beyonce just changed so many games. Queen just became an Empress. Chills all over. #LEMONADE"


Okay, great. There it is. Watch it. Watch it 20 times, maybe. Process it. Let it all sink in.

Oh, Anne. Anne, Anne, Anne. No one wants to make fun of you, Anne. It's just that you make it so hard not to. First off, you do know that song is not from Lemonade, but is actually from Beyoncé's 2008 album I Am…Sasha Fierce, right? And what's with the intake of breath right as "Halo" kicks in in the background? Were you going to say something profound, but then at the last minute decided, "You know what? Never mind. I'm going to let the hand do the talking." Wow, a B scrawled in marker on your palm. Really going all out to honor the "Empress," huh? And hey, why are you bowing your wrist as well as your head? That's not how you greet royalty. That doesn't even make any sense. Also, back to point one, Anne: that's not Lemonade. CAN YOU NOT AFFORD TIDAL?


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Here's the real subtext of the video—Anne Hathaway is Becky. Calling it right now. Just wait.