A news crew filming a group of religious protestors at London's Gay Pride parade on Saturday happened to spot actor Jesse Eisenberg (who's in London performing in a play) walking his bicycle through the crowd. Eisenberg stopped briefly to glance at the protestors' signage, as a man speaking into a microphone preached, "It's all very well saying God is a God of love. We would agree, God is a God of love. But he's also a God of justice. God has his laws."

As Eisenberg shook his head in disbelief and disgust, one of the protestors holding pamphlets asked him, "Is your mind closed?" which, when you think about it, is a slightly odd way to ask someone if they're "open" to being hateful, judgmental, and homophobic. Eisenberg simply responded, "So sad. That's so fucking sad. . . Is my mind closed, dude, you're so fucked up" and continued on his way.


Eisenberg, best known for playing real person Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network and, more recently, not-real person Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, is currently performing in a play he wrote called The Spoils in London's West End. In an interview with The Guardian, Eisenberg explained that social causes were an important part of his upbringing, saying, "It was totally understood, growing up, that we should support people who are struggling. This was not debatable."