Really, Arby's? You shell out 44 grand and decide to go with regular shipping? (via Arby's)

It was the hat heard 'round the world. Pharrell Williams wore a tall, brown, mountain-style hat to the Grammys that was described by many as "Smokey the Bear-ish," "like it should be shouting 'Gryffindor'!", and "bad." However the most popular comparison was that to a popular fast food sandwich chain, Arby's, whose iconic brand was for many years represented by a talking oven mitt, which they would apparently prefer over one of the most successful recording artists and producers of the past two decades. (To be fair, he might be a vampire.)


This honestly made me google "24 hour Arby's." It' 2pm.

It's the source of all their power.

Capitalizing on this great press, Pharrell placed the hat up for auction on eBay, with 100% of the sale going towards From One Hand To Another, a children's education charity. Seeking to transfer the hat from one head to another (or at least towards an incorporeal corporate entity), Arby's purchased the hat for $44,100.00. 

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