Today I'm resigning from my role as an Ariana Grande donut scandal commentator to focus on other things.


This is where it all started. (via TMZ)

Bringing you the details about Ariana Grande licking unpurchased donuts and saying she hates America has been a rewarding journey. I've felt so honored to participate in this story in any small way, and I know that my outlook will never be the same.

Let's take a moment to reflect on how far we've come. First, there was security footage of Grande licking display donuts and saying she hates America. Then, she tried to blame her behavior on ever-so-frustrating fat people. Next, the police launched an investigation. And now, the saga concludes with something I never saw coming: a genuine apology.

In this video, entitled "sorry babes," Grande sincerely apologizes for the "donut fiasco" and for the way she handled it. She clarifies that she doesn't hate America, and that with "all the wonderful progressive things that have been going on" (subtweet to marriage equality) she's "never been prouder." She also explains how embarrassed she was after seeing the security footage:

I like, shoved my face in a pillow and wanted to disappear. But instead of that I'm going to come forward and own up to what I did and take responsibility and, um, say I'm sorry...

She also said she's going to use this whole melodrama as a learning experience. This part of the apology made me be like, wow, we're being really hard on her for licking some donuts. It was super weird, but it's not really that bad.

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