Sweet little Ariel Winter has a bad bitch living inside of her, and she is ready to let her out. Actually, it is five bad bitches, and you may have seen them before. Winter took on the personas of pop culture's five most infamous mean girls for Cosmopolitan; in the video, she portrays Regina George from Mean Girls, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, Nancy Downs from The Craft, Amber from Clueless, and Heather Chandler from Heathers. Check out her impressions below.

In an interview corresponding with the video and photoshoot, Winter discussed her anti-bullying stance, the importance of just being yourself, and the "bitch" stigma for women:

Here's the thing: Women will get called a bitch — and any other name — for speaking out about anything. It's a stigma for women, really: If we have an opinion, we're automatically labeled a bitch. We're categorized [as bitches] just for having the same thoughts and speaking out about something that men are totally allowed to speak out about. [They] are allowed to speak out about anything. And when we say anything, whether it's negative or positive, we're usually considered a bitch. And I think it's unfortunate.  

The anti-bullying advocate is not afraid to call people out on their BS either, and knows that standing up for yourself and others is the only way to make a positive change:

What's "cool" nowadays is being mean to others, cutting people down, not building each other up. But you just remember that people need to stand up for what's right. It's going to ultimately make the world a better place to spread positivity and not hate. 


All that's great, but if Winter really wanted to portray a mean girl, she should have tried Ann Coulter. Now that would be scary.