In case you needed any more examples of just how insane Hollywood is, Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars was recently given the bad news that she was "too fat" for a role, which is a little surprising given that she's a SIZE TWO. Yes. A size two.

Wow, so fat!
Wow, so fat!

According to an Ocean Drive interview, she cried for 30 minutes and then tried to shake it off, which is a much healthier response than developing a serious eating disorder, just about the only way a size two human female could actually get even smaller. 


Benson has condemned the industry's obsession with thinness before, even criticizing a promo poster for her own TV show that was photoshopped to make her appear skinnier. Can't wait to hear about how Tilda Swinton (5'11") gets told she's "too short" and Rosario Dawson that she's "too ethnic." Great job, Hollywood!

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