Billy Bob Thornton is claiming he never hooked up with Amber Heard, no matter what Johnny Depp wrote with his finger blood on a mirror.

According to TMZ, last March, Heard claimed that Depp accused her of sleeping with London Fields co-star Billy Bob Thornton, and that their argument got so heated that Depp accidentally cut the tip of his finger off. Allegedly, Depp took advantage of the accident and pulled a Shining and wrote Thornton's name in blood with what was left of his finger. Unlike murder, at least "Bob" is the same read backwards and forwards.

Now, Thornton is addressing the situation, telling TMZ the accusation is "completely false." He claims the only time he ever saw Heard outside of set was during a cast dinner, and that he never even spoke to Depp while on set.


So, calm down, Depp. When six-time husband and blood drinker Billy Bob Thornton is your voice of reason on relationships, it's time to go chill out on a beach somewhere and disappear for a little bit.