Rob Kardashian's fiancée​ Blac Chyna posted an Instagram of herself Wednesday night, wearing beige pants and a matching shirt tucked into her bra to show off her burgeoning bump. She's currently 36 weeks old with the couple's first child (she has a son with her ex, Tyga), and while she hasn't reached her goal of gaining 100 pounds during her pregnancy, she hasn't done too badly.

The caption to the picture is basically an advertisement for a tea drink, one that she says is safe during pregnancy. She also apparently plans to do a detox offered by the same company after she gives birth. Just as long as she doesn't feed the baby any tea, everything seems to be in order. One month to go!


While the tea might be safe, the way Chyna posted it isn't entirely copacetic. According to guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), celebrities hawking products on Instagram are required to say that they're being paid for their promotion. It can be as simple as adding a hashtag like #ad or #sponsored, or a sentence reading, "X Company sent me this product to try." There are exceptions, such as when a celebrity's promotional relationship with the company is "well-known." Of course, that's a tricky one, because who can say who knows what, right? But in this case, it seems pretty clear that Chyna should probably mention that she's not just obsessed with this tea for its taste—the money they're giving her probably adds quite a bit of flavor.