Sources from behind the scenes of Rob & Chyna, the "reality" show featuring Blac Chyna and her fiancé​ Rob Kardashian, are calling out the show's producers for making it look like there was any doubt on the part of Chyna about the identity of her not-yet-born baby's father.

These sources told TMZ the production team put together a teaser trailer for an upcoming episode in which scenes and quotes are taken out of context and presented in a misleading way. Oh, really?

Sources from the show's production team reportedly told TMZ that the needle in Chyna's arm was for a routine a blood test, not a paternity test, and that Chyna has no doubt that Kardashian is definitely the father.

The same sources also added that the pregnancy was absolutely planned, even though the couple hadn't been dating long. Hmm, these "sources" are really worried about making sure that paternity rumors don't get started. Almost…suspiciously worried. Almost as if they are actually Blac Chyna herself.

Also, while Chyna apparently did once tell Kardashian she wasn't sure he was the father, it was just "to get under his skin because she was pissed off at him." See? Just a bit of playing around with the emotions of someone you love, no big deal.