It's 2015, and somehow celebrities haven't realized that they're famous enough to get each other's email addresses — even if they've never met — and keep that embarrassing shit off of Twitter.

 Two talented, totally not-petty men. (via Getty Images)

Hey, celebrities. Did you know that if you have a problem with someone, you don't have to write a bunch of childish tweets about it? I know, that might seem crazy with all the feuds going on, but you actually have the ability to not say anything. Hell, if you want to, you don't even need to use a smartphone.

Whoa. I know.

Anyway, Taylor Swift-boyfriend-man/music producer Calvin Harris and former one-way-street One Direction singer Zayn Malik are fighting on twitter. It started after Zayn retweeted someone who was supporting Miley Cyrus's choice to release her new album for free and criticizing Taylor Swift's related choice to not put her album on streaming sites, because they don't pay artists enough money. These aren't trivial discussions — the way that major artists (musicians or otherwise) get paid or not paid can trickle down to smaller artists who are struggling to scrape together a living from their art. But what is trivial is two adult (or, at least, adult-ish) humans fighting via a format that only lets you send messages in 140 characters or less, because that's totally the best way to get your point across.

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