What do you do when your husband has slept with prostitutes over 100 times over the course of your marriage? You get advice from Carrie Fisher, of course.

Trust her, she knows.

Fisher's long-awaited advice column for The Guardian officially launched on Tuesday, September 6, and will be operating under the name "Advice from the Dark Side." Could this be any more perfect?

The first person she advised is a mother in her mid-50's whose husband recently revealed he cheated on her with prostitutes for their entire marriage. In her letter, she writes that she estimates he has slept with prostitutes about 100 times, and though his promiscuity has bothered her, his lying about the affairs has seriously damaged their relationship.

We have built a lot of life together. But on the other hand, he lied, lied and lied. I can forgive the fucking around, but the lying is difficult. And even with therapy, I don’t have reassurance that he will understand that lying is wrong.

So THAT's what "nerf-herder" means.