Co-worker romances are rarely a good idea. Sure, there are some real life "Jim and Pams" out there who got lucky finding true love at work, but for most of us, dipping your pen in the company ink isn't the best idea. That's why the phrase "Don't sh*t where you eat" is so popular. Also the phrase "don't dip your pen in the company ink" (although no one remembers pens you actually have to dip in ink anymore). Luckily for us, actors rarely take this advice. Here are 11 celebrity couples who got swept up in a show-mance and were totally doing it in real life (probably in their trailers).

1. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, That '70s Show.

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This couple got married in 2015, but many years earlier they had played teenage sweethearts on FOX's That '70s Show. Adorbs alert: Ashton was the first man Mila ever kissed. (NOTE: They did not date at the time. Kunis actually lied about her age and was a minor when the show began. This made Ashton feel really weird kissing her on set, but that was many years ago.) After Ashton's split from Demi Moore, the pair reunited and even made a daughter named Wyatt.