Oh, celebrities, what will you say next? We can always count on celebs to be entertaining; after all, that's what they do best. Their words may not always be particularly well thought out, but they're certain to keep talking, just as long as we continue to care about the answers. Here are seven celebrities on why they like Donald Trump for President.


1. Tila Tequila, 34

WHO: Reality show star and all-around Twitter punchline Tila Tequila thought Trump was just a puppet until she looked within herself and realized that just like her, he was anti-vaccinations.

SAID: "I am a huge Donald Trump supporter and so should you."

2. Ted "The Nuge" Nugent, 67

WHO: The guitar player known for his supergroup Damn Yankees as well as his solo hits, "Cat Scratch Fever" and "NRA Gun Fever" wanted to make sure no one confused his support with an endorsement, telling Newsweek in April: "Be sure you differentiate between 'support' and 'endorse,' for I do support Trump but at this time do not endorse him."