Celebrities are good at many things, like being gorgeous, spending money, and posting selfies. Human relations, on the other hand, is not their strong suit. Thanks to ironclad non-disclosure agreements, the public rarely finds out about the outrageous diva demands stars make of their hired help, but luckily some have been leaked. Here are 13 celebrity bosses who will make you feel so much better about your sucky job.

And you thought your boss was an a-hole.

1. Martha Stewart

She likes her shoes like she likes her coffee. Black and mixed with the tears of her employees.

Considering how perfection is kind of her thing, Martha Stewart does not seem like a super chill person to work for. According to Radar Online, the domestic diva makes her assistants color in the bottoms of her Christian Louboutin shoes with a marker. What? Apparently she's not a fan of the signature red soles (a.k.a. the best part) and would rather have someone painstakingly cover them with a black Sharpie. Classic Martha, ruining her shoes' soles and her assistants' souls in one easy step.