Even if you're a rich, attractive, and famous person, you can get roped into normal-people things like serving as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. For proof that even these demigods must serve mortal functions, check out these 10 female celebrities who deigned to be in their non-famous friends' wedding parties.

An old example of a thunder owner and thunder thief.

Each of these ladies put on a fancy dress to wish their friends good luck as they entered holy matrimony (and then, in the case of Rihanna, lighted up in celebration). Each of them probably got more eyeballs than the bride. Check out these 10 famous women as they tried and failed to let someone else take the spotlight for a few hours.

1. Rihanna

In 2015, Rihanna donned a lovely lilac dress to serve as her assistant Jennifer Rosales' bridesmaid at a Hawaii wedding. RiRi managed to pose like an average person in one photo.

Congrats to the Davis' @jennnrosales @the_aa #WhatGodblessnomancancurse 1❤️

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And then all the other pictures she Instagrammed, RiRi set her badass-ness free.